We believe Jukeboxes should look like a Jukebox, not just a monitor on top of a speaker. A Jukebox should not only sound good it should look good too, after all you want your Party to impress your guests. So why choose anything else. Our Jukeboxes provide 300 Watts of Power, Video Tracks, 6,000 + Songs,

                Touchscreen monitor, updates every month and light display                 “See You at the Party”

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$200 Overnight Hire

Retro Jukebox

Wurlitzer Style  Jukebox for that Retro Party 300 Watts of Power, video tracks, 6,000 songs, all touchscreen monitor, updates every  month and light  display .                                              

 “See You at the Party”


$200 Overnight Hire

Classic Black Jukebox

Classic Black Jukebox for Todays Party. 300 Watts of Power,Video Tracks, 6,000 songs, All Touchscreen monitor. Updates every month and light display.          

 “See You at the Party”







Add Karaoke to your Jukebox

For even more fun

Includes over 2000 Karaoke tracks

With 2 Microphones



Powered Speaker

 Add Power to your ipod or Laptop

300 Watt powered Speaker will give your Party the Power it needs


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